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For Español, Português, Deutsch, Swedish, Italiano, Français, русский, Українська, عربي,Dansk, Norsk, & Polski go here.
For 中文, 日本語, 한국어, Suomi, Nederlands, Cymraeg, Român, Taglish, Hrvatski, Bahasa, Hebrew, Ελληνικά, Türkçe go here.

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Fav and RUN Stamp by luneves
SOMETIMES I FAV AND RUN! Sorry about that! ^_^; I want to see your artwork but DA's spam system doesn't always allow me to leave comments. Please know that a fav from me means, "Thanks for showing me, I'm glad the stock was helpful! Keep up the good work!"

Have a pose suggestion? Looking for a specific poses? Check out the Really Long Guide for help with which folders might be best for you. Also, please try a gallery search (the white search bar at the top of the Gallery tab) before asking! ^__^ See my FAQ for more info, too.

Foreshortening from Reference by SenshiStockLearning to See - A Tutorial by SenshiStockA (Really) Long Guide to SenshiStock by SenshiStockTop Down Pack Preview - Reference for Drawing by SenshiStockSwing Pack Preview - Drawing Reference by SenshiStock
Clothes Pack Preview - For Drawing Reference by SenshiStockSenshiStock Expression Pack Preview by SenshiStock


SenshiStock Plush by sakkysa

SenshiStock is a deviantART account full of non nude pictures of people. These pictures are here as a drawing and art creation resource. They can be used for anatomy help, pose reference, help with drawing perspective, and much more! All of the images have a CC BY 3.0 license! Check out the Rules for all the details!

Drawing references by artists, for artists!

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Stock humor:
Were things always like this? by Hopfield

SenshiStock License Agreement


These rules were last updated Feb 28, 2015 - added Korean/한국어! Thanks PlatinaSi and inverseskies

For Español, Português, Deutsch, Swedish, Italiano, Français, русский, Українська, عربي,Dansk, Norsk, & Polski go here.

For 中文, 日本語, 한국어, Suomi, Nederlands, Cymraeg, Român, Taglish, Hrvatski, Bahasa, Hebrew, Ελληνικά, Türkçe go here.

:star: :star: :star: Read the RULES! before you USE! :star: :star: :star:

:bulletpink: You can share and distribute the stock as long as you give credit and link to the DeviantArt account.   Any stock found posted without credit will be seen as in violation of this rule. THIS INCLUDES PLACES LIKE PHOTOBUCKET.  If you re-post this stock somewhere, credit must be given.  Do not direct link to the images on DA's servers as it violates their TOS. (This isn't true anymore since DA added the share buttons. You can now share the stock directly from the page and it will give credit automatically! This info isn't in the translated rules, sorry.)

:bulletpink: NOTIFY ME! Show me your art!  If it's on DA, I will fav it.  I also promote some work made using my stock through Thumbshare, stock communities, and my own features. Other places to show me your work: email me Sarah at, tumblr, twitter, facebook.

:bulletpink: Credit MUST be given for stock used in photo manipulations.  Prints and off site use is allowed.  A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit.  For help, read this FAQ page.  For off site, do not just credit to 'SenshiStock' in text, there must be a live hyperlink to the account.  

:bulletpink: Credit is greatly appreciated when the stock is used for solely pose reference, but it is not required when making original art using the stock as reference.  Please be advised that DA's FAQ suggests linking to stock used to avoid any "confusion or misunderstandings."  A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit if you would like to include it.  For help, read this FAQ page.  Please send me a link to your work as I would like to see and collect it.

If you still have questions after reading these, please visit my FAQ! :dummy:  

Creative Commons License
This work by SenshiStock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


The questions that I commonly get about me/the stock/life in general. If you have additional questions, just ask!
This was updated in July 2014

:bulletred: What are stock/resources? How do I use them?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

:bulletred: What is SenshiStock?
SenshiStock is a deviantART account full of non nude pictures of people. These pictures are here as a drawing and art creation resource. They can be used for anatomy help, pose reference, help with drawing perspective, and much more! You do not need to be a member of DeviantART to use SenshiStock but you are still required to follow the CC BY 3.0 license for use of the stock.

:bulletred: Can I use your photos?
Yes, but please read the Rules. I promise, they are really easy to follow!

:bulletred: What is the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License?
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) is a Creative Commons copyright license. It means you can share (copy, distribute and transmit), modify and make commercial use of the work as long as you attribute the work with a credit back to this account. There's a few more details, so check out that page. It does not mean that the stock is not under copyright or that the stock does not belong to anyone. This is frequently referred to as "Unrestricted Stock" but it still DOES have requirements for use.

:bulletred: So that means I can I post art I've made with your stock as a print/outside DA/on my web site/for a contest/in my portfolio/on a poster/in an art show/in my book/on a tee shirt/etc.?
Yes! CC BY 3.0 includes a commercial license. Please include credit to SenshiStock with a URL to my DA page if you've used the stock in a manipulation. If you've used it for pose reference then credit is greatly appreciated, but not required. Always show me your art! If you make something like a tee shirt, CD cover, print, comic, or another tangible item, I'd love to have one! :D

:bulletred: Do you have [insert specific pose here]?
Sometimes I'm able to find something quickly because I know my gallery better than anyone, but I often cannot take the time to find a specific pose you need. I will likely direct you to a folder or suggest a search, so it's best to start there if you haven't already. The gallery folders are defined and explained here; they should help you narrow it down. There is also a search bar on the gallery tab that can be used to help find things (it says "Search Gallery" and it's white).

If you cannot find what you need in my gallery, I encourage you to try searching the Model section of Stock Images as there are many other stock providers on DA who may have what you need. You can also check the providers I have listed in my POse Ref Stock & Resources You Need To Know list. Sometimes, it's also worth it to collect lots of references that are CLOSE to what you need but not exact. You can study those references to help you create the pose you want. For more help with that technique, check out this tutorial.

If you still cannot find what you need, feel free to leave me a message as a suggestion. See next bullet point.

:bulletred: Do you take pose requests?
I take "suggestions." If you have a suggestion just let me know in a note or comment and if I think it's something I can do, I will add them to the list on the main page. Just keep in mind that I do a shoot every three or four months (or less). In each shoot I take 150-300 photos, then I post them a few at a time over the course of a few months/years. This means that if you have a pose suggestion, it will be a few months (or more) before you actually see it. That is assuming I actually can do it or feel like doing it on the next shoot. There are no guarantees for pose suggestions. It is possible that I will do a commissioned shoot in the future. If and when I do, that information will be posted here.

Some tips when suggesting poses: being specific is helpful. Saying, "do more action poses!" is not as helpful as, "Could you do a pose where it looks like you're leaping from one building to another with your hands as fists?" Also, I'm not familiar with every story that's out there, so asking me to do poses "like so-and-so character from this story" isn't as helpful as linking me to an example of that character's movements or typing out what kind of poses they do, i.e., 'crawling low to the ground on your toes with a knife in your hand.'

:bulletred: Can you/will you do more of [this type of stock]?
See above.

:bulletred: Can I use your stock to make pixel doll bases or blanks for others to use?
Yes you can!! Exclusive bases, public bases, whatever you want! When you post your base if you could ask people to show me their work on it I would love to collect it, but they are not required to credit or notify me (I just like to see the art!).

:bulletred: Can I trace/draw over/grid reference your stock?
There's no restrictions on art creation methods while using my stock. You can make your art by any method you deem appropriate.

:bulletred: Why do you have 'No Critique Desired' on all your deviations? Don't you want helpful feedback? What are you, some kind of snob?
While I'm sure most people want to be helpful, critique is most useful to someone who is passionate about their craft and wants strongly to improve. I am not that someone. This stock is presented on an "as is" basis. That means I make it and you can choose to use it - or not use it - based on how it is right now. I take these photos months before I post them and I'm not going to go back and change a hand or move a foot. I don't like when people are critical about the model's appearance, the model's ability, or other trivial things. I also do not care what you think about composition, lighting, or other photographic qualities. This is not finished work, we are not professionals, and we do this for free and for fun. I am not interested in people's opinions about the content of the stock images - if you don't like it, don't use it or make your own. I get very grumpy about this so please try to be respectful of these wishes. :thanks: For more blather about this topic, please visit this journal.

:bulletred: Why are you wearing just a bodysuit? Why AREN'T you wearing the bodysuit anymore?
This stock is intended mainly to be for reference when creating works from scratch. It is important to me that as much of the form is made clear as is possible. I chose a white bodysuit hoping it would show contour well while remaining somewhat modest. This allows the stock to be seen by deviants of all ages because no mature content marking is required. In some later shoots, I've opted for a two piece shorts/sports bra combo. This was done in order to give people more stomach references. I will likely rotate outfits based on the type of shoot I'm doing (for example, it's much easier to move around and do action type stuff in the shorts, but I might do more simple, standing still poses in the bodysuit or two piece underwear and bra).

:bulletred: Will you do some with costumes? Will you do nude stock?
No. There are tons of AMAZING stock artists on DA that work with stunning costumes or nude models. As per my mission of providing pose reference to a wide audience, my goals with this account are not along those lines. However, I will occasionally post "Surprise" stock which will deviate from my usual format. None of the surprise stock will ever be nude! ;P

:bulletred: Will you put your hair down?
Like clothing, hair can cover up the contour of the neck and shoulders. I try to keep it up and back. I might do a shoot someday with hair as a special theme.

:bulletred: Can you do different lighting?
Probably not. I am working on trying to have even lighting that clearly shows all aspects of the form, though I'm still learning. If you want different lighting, draw it and consider it a challenge, or seek additional resources for the work you want to make. There are some shoots where I try harder than others with lighting - the quality of the stock is not going to be consistent, especially when I have guest photographers who actually know what they are doing.

:bulletred: Why are you wearing nylons in some pics but not in others? Can you not wear nylons? Can you wear nylons?
The older stock will always have nylons; the newer stock is likely mixed with and without them. I wear them when I feel like it.

:bulletred: Why are you wearing heels in some pics but not in others? Can you not wear heels? Can you wear different shoes?
I like heels and many of the characters that I draw wear heels. I do try to vary my footwear, but if you find a pose that is just what you need but the shoes are wrong, try to find another resource that can help you figure it out how the feet should look.

:bulletred: Who are all the people? / Which one is you?
Me, sakkysa, is the main person in the gallery and I run the account. I'm the one usually wearing the bodysuit. Sailor Meguin (meguin) and Sailor Hedor are my friends from college who are also big Sailor Moon fans. Tuxedo AJ was Meguin's boyfriend, but they are just friends now. Tuxedo Jay (not on DA) is a good friend of my husband. Tuxedo Dan and Sailor Epona (not on DA) are two of my best friends. Tuxedo Dan's images are no longer available on SenshiStock because the rights to distribute them have been revoked; sorry for the inconvenience! Moonlight Dan (not to be confused with Tuxedo Dan) is kidchrome, my brother in law and awesome painter. I have done a few collab shoots with Sinned-angel-stock, she is the girl with the paw print tattoos on her leg. In Nov 2012, I did a collab shoot with jademacalla. These images will be noticeably better in quality than my own because he's so fantastically talented. ;D Some of the photos from my Kickstarter book project will occasionally appear. Moonlight Dan and Tuxedo AJ returned for this shoot with four new models: JesJes (a friend from high school), Queen Kat (professional model), Prince Karl (professional model), and Princess Linnie (professional model). The newest male model with the huge chest tattoo is Tuxedo Dave, another friend from high school.

:bulletred: Why are some of your images no longer in the gallery? What if I still have those images saved on my computer?
I know that it's annoying to see images are gone from the gallery, but some images have been removed because the models have rescinded their rights to distribution. I have to respect the wishes of the models and no longer make those stock images available in the account. If you have stored images saved on your computer, you can still use them for pose reference but do not use them for any art in which the photographic representation of that person is actually in the artwork (photo manipulations, etc.). Doing so would be a violation of that model's rights and could result in legal trouble for you and me.

:bulletred: Will you watch me? Will you be my friend?
Sure, I will be your friend. :D But sorry, I only watch select stock providers and clubs or groups to which I belong.

:bulletred: Has anyone told you that you look kind of like Carrie Fisher?
Yes, and thank you :flirty:

:bulletred: Is there any other way to access SenshiStock other than through DA?
Yes! I sell two $20 USB drives that have tons of stock on them so you can access it from any computer. Many of the files are unreleased! Get all the details about those and order them here. Much of the newest stock will be available on before it becomes available here on DA. Check that site for regular updates! You can also sign up for my email newsletter.

I have a limited run of print books available, too. You can get those here.

:bulletred: Who are the kitties!? MOAR KITTIES!
There are three kitties that appear in the stock photos. The older images have lots of pictures of Java. Java was a calico tiger my husband and I adopted from downtown when we lived in our old apartment. She was a street cat and she had a lot of health issues. We gave her a loving home until she was 3. At that time, she was diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) and we had to put her down.

The other two kitties are the cute little Pekoe and my big handsome Earl Gray. They are the best of friends. They aren't as diva as Java was, but they do occasionally appear in photos, usually curiously pawing at or sniffing something.

:bulletred: How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
I am 5' 3 and 3/4" (162cm) without my heels on. I weighed around 120lbs (54kg) pre-pregnancy. Full term pregnancy weight is about 160lbs (73kg). We will see where I end up after!

:bulletred: This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! Where have you been all my life?! Where can I find more stock like this?
I'm so happy the stock is helpful to you! I have collected a list of other places on DA where you can find pose reference type stock. The list includes a note for when the stock is nude in case you'd like to avoid nudity. Happy drawing!

:bulletred: Is that a tattoo on your chest?
Yes! I got a tattoo in January 2012. You can see a full view of it here. It is the Ginzuishou, or 'Silver Crystal', from Sailormoon. I am hoping to get it expanded in the future.

:bulletred: Why are there black bands around your wrists and ankles in some of the photos?
I started using the black bands around the limbs after riordan-j-flynn suggested it as a helpful way to show perspective on poses that had foreshortening. I've also added lines to the bodysuits to help with that, however in many of my recent shoots I have switched to a two piece outfit which has no lines. The cross contour of the bust and waist line can also be useful.

Super Massive Suggestions List

As a reminder: I take SUGGESTIONS not requests (or demands!). If you ask for something I will see about doing it, but there is no guarantee I will and there is NO limit on how long it may take. I draw from this list for inspiration for each shoot but it is by no means a 'to do' list.

Right now I am posting stock from as far back as Jan 2010 to the most recent shoot with the pregnancy stuff in March 2014.

- climbing walls, leaping, etc.
- cocky weapons poses, weapons at rest
- fishing
- playing video games
- covering one eye
- this:… from a few angles
- legs open, leaning forward with your elbows on your thighs/knees
- sitting down and touching your toes
- various sitting with mug
- weird poses……
- hiking backpacking
- More with playing cards
- binoculars
- sitting profile
- bar stuff (cleaning glasses, serving etc)
- serving or pouring drinks
- using a cane
- interacting with a dog
- a knockback pose seen from behind (like one who has been hit by a bullet and is falling backwards, or hit by a punch and is falling down)
- exercise, weight training
- bathtub
- see comment…
- tortured writer
- standing in the doorway with both hands on the frame
- screaming at each other
-A woman jumping over a wall. You know, with one foot on the wall and the other hovering still, and then an arm leaning on the walls between the legs? And it would be awesome if said pose was viewed from someone looking UP at her
- interacting with a cape
- easel painting
- somersaults
- uncomfortable holding a gun
- bowing formal, assorted
- Profile of…
- hara-kiri (see note)
- interacting with/opening/closing curtains
- a woman sat on a chair, with her feet up on a desk throwing a dart, playing darts
- kneeling from behind and 3/4, looking down, crouching (same) like
- any kind of martial arts
- moQbara (Klingon Martial Art)
- sword like these:…………
- kneeling with arms raised, shielding
- hold a heavy bag (such as one of those giant bags of cat food), particularly in an uncomfortable, "I'm not holding this right" way
- people looking out of/pressed against windows/glass
-… from the front but still from above
- squatting
- a girl wielding a knife with the knife extended out towards the reader
- flinging stuff (paper?) off a table, you know when your angry and you swipe your hand across
- captured stock. Sitting and standing at all angles hands tied in the air and she is either standing or sitting
- Arms open wide from various angles and perspectives
-… from the front
- sitting at a table, items on the table, table perspective…
- hanging from/on things/poles/fences, stepping up onto them
- a witch flying on a broom and she would be peering down from above so the view would look like we are looking up at her
- sitting/crouching on a wall/beam from many angles and perspectives
- more camera/video camera
-… from the front
- worm's eye view looking in many directions
- More on the bike
- first person perspective shots
-… from a front/overhead view
- walking around tired/zombies
- sticking your thumb out for hitchhiking (maybe with a backpack),
- dropping things or just dropped/broke something
- aerial (above) and below perspective shots of people talking and walking holding hands
- Iai and katana stances
- from behind/below sitting, looking out, jumping
- jumping double whip pose
- "give me that back"
- lots-of-perspectives photos of spinning around with your arms out like a lunatic
-… from other angles
- laying perspective, pointing up
- flying away/back
- Black Widow/spy fighting poses…
- a few kneeling poses like bowing at someone.……
- crouching poses that look a little more tense or spooked
- Archer opening pose sequence
- walking with a cane
- sports (volleyball, baseball, soccer, tennis, etc)
- First person POV looking down at hands, self, hands and feet
- hammer and shield
- grinding wood arrows
- weapon cleaning (sitting, standing), sharpening, armor cleaning
- opening presents, blowing out candles
- swan dive/ more swimming
- not wanting to wake up
- on back shooting up
- reaching back as if to show someone in
- gun barrel…
- dual gun and sword…… perspective/action/flying
- seasonal ideas (winter warmup, fall chores, spring planting, summer fun)
- sitting and holding a top hat, looking into it (any top hat poses)
- Breaking glass/mirror
(right before you jump, too)
- jumping off stuff
-… sitting against mirror looking back with more body shown
- drawing on a paper on the ground
- people getting hit in the head, stomach, back, etc with poles
- businessmen/women stocks with briefcase
- relaxed with a big gun (sitting on the ground with their back to the wall snoozing, curled up hugging their rifle closely, leaned up against a corner sleeping with their rifle and a cat curled up against them, relaxed sleepy poses)
- rubbing hands in fiendish glee (sitting, standing)
- These…
- More whip poses (holding whip overhead walking forward with it, but with the pictures taken at different angles), more whip attacking poses
- angry Sailormoon…
- poses from Indian dances
- female flexing poses
- crawling/stalking in various directions/perspectives
- cutting things or mixing or baking or anything
- sitting with a kitchen knife and a mad ( insane) look on the face
-… on knees
- servant/maid poses
- Sailor Gun 6 from ground perspective…
- Runway inspired poses
- interacting with a door, like opening it, pushing one open timidly, knocking, trying to hold it shut against someone/something pushing against it, looking through a keyhole, picking a lock, listening with a glass, struggling against a jammed/locked door, etc. Just stuff like that.
- Hanging upsidedown from things (if I can find a way to do this, I will)
- Mutliple POV of…
- watering plants
- More throwing things (different things?)
- other ladder perspective
- More umbrella
- more sitting in chairs, male, female, mixed
- More daily life, brushing hair, teeth, doing laundry, organizing, etc jumping, sitting down, standing up, eating (chopsticks too!), etc. dress/undress coats/jackets
- sit while drinking a cup of coffee or reading a book with slight up or down perspectives
- a staff being held with both hands in the middle would be useful. Kinda like you're hitting people on both sides of yourself with it.
- leaning, hands hanging looking exhausted
- thoroughly-emotionally-tired, fist against the wall, kneeling in defeat pose
- Being shot
- Heian period poses…
- scared, cowering in fear
- more sword with shield poses (broad sword), charging with sword, pointing with sword, ONWARD!
- dynamic axe poses
- shovel/using tools
- more microphone poses
- playing DS ( I don't have one ; ~ ;)
- ant-perspective showing the side of the foot
- sad marionette poses…
- chainsaw
- animal like poses, surprised, mad, happy, playful, excited, scared, nervous, stalking, creeping, cautious
- Sports ball
- more shotgun
- bags (shopping bags, purses, totes, beach bags, etc.)
- fencing refs:………
- Instruments: tambourine, sax, keyboard, clarinet
- Dancey poses with musical weapons, like a harp
- geisha-like poses……
- mermaid poses
- cliche feeling sick/ill poses (ice bag on the head, thermometer in mouth, feet in bucket, etc.)
- laundry basket, hanging clothing, etc (male and female)
- Other kinds of baskets

- male depression, self hugging poses (sitting, standing), crying, weak (visit MostlyGuyStock!)
- a man standing and holding something over his shoulder
- Male ax/hammer
- magician / casting magic
- male "lying on back perspective", with a male holding his pants or waist line with legs up on a wall, pin up style?
- stretching from the back
- standing around, normal photos, peace sign, casual
- A guy fighting an alligator (O_o)…
- guy leaning back with his arms crossed looking down at someone while his chin is tilted up in an arrogant manner
- a guy leaned back on his elbow, far knee on his leg. Far arm up like holding a wine cup
- sword/knife suicide guys
- male archer crouching
- male character who dual weilds swords
- male model winding up for a big punch, all POV
- a guy saluting
- male x male pairs
- wings/whips
- sitting on the ground with his left knee up, left arm resting on his knee, and his face tucked into his arm - Multiple POVs
- male and female back to back poses
- Crying, captive, tied up, tied to chair, prisoner
- In a box
- using the mirror for the worm's eye perspective shots
- portrait pack
- More walking, back, side, 3/4, perspective
- More back poses in general, leaning, standing, etc
- slash, or smash, roar (or howl at the moon if it was a werewolf) or wield a big heavy weapon? Some beastly behavior.
- more top down bird's eye view (straight on)
- really really really angry
- bird's eye shooting
- using a cell phone
- More men: daggers, two swords, gun(s), fighting, sneaking, zombies, etc.
- male "ninja" poses
- Guys reading
- TJ Ideas: --Lying on his stomach, face visible, with a weapon still in hand or almost in hand ...-- Lying on his stomach, one foot crossed over his other leg-- Facing the camera and/or in profile, dazed/dizzied while on his knees, struggling to regain his bearings and to keep himself propped up-- Face and upper chest down towards the floor, but on his knees, arms at his sides
- a guy using a towel to dry behind his head as seen from the side in profile. A thoughtful, head down pose, and a head up looking straight pose
- guy with jetpack
- flirting
- more defeated men on belly, from strange perspectives
- male perspective shots
- bare fisted male fighting poses
- relaxed chair poses, front back, etc
- bat or bat like object
- male poses in a profile view, where the guy is on his hands and knees. It should have a sort of solemn feel.

-… from above
- More piggybacks (sleepy, kneeling, back, right at the camera)
- more comforting while injured/dead esp male down
- shaking hands (confident, shy etc)
- Sitting on people
- feeding each other
- sisterly images of two girls one alive and the other a ghost
- cover eyes from behind (various poses)
- tango dancing, different poses
- profile view of two people holding hands and walking one in front of the other
- fighting on the ground
- helping each other up
- knife fights
- clutching each other in dramatic stages of death
- sitting on a bench/chair/sofa with your legs crossed and right behind you there's another person playing with your hair/hat/ears or just making a mocking face
- on top of a man's shoulder, singing and reaching for the ceiling
- overall female interactions, like ordinary talking, strolling, playing
- arm hugging, dragging along
- woman seducing a man and the man (out of respect for her) refuses her advances
- back to back action weapon poses (looking over shoulder at each other)
- with one leg of one girl be between the other two legs of the other girl and the one of the girls (like the girl on the left) be crouching kinda like she is except with one knee (farthest from the camera and between her legs) touching the ground while the other one is up and could the girl sitting down have her hand on your knee somehow while the girl crouching had her hand around on her waist... I wouldn't know how to pose the other hands so if you would you could find some way of romantically do that...
- hand kissing
- sitting on couches, cuddling, doing things, etc.
- a partner carrying to other one who has their legs wrapped around the waist and arms around the neck
- two girls, one cradling the other to her chest
- sitting against something, one sleeping on the other's shoulder
- carrying someone who is asleep
- one boy in a wheelchair and another sitting on the balls of his feet or crouching next to him with a hand in the chair handles. The angle is 3/4 or 2/3 I think so you see the crouching boy in front of the other somewhat but still at the side of the wheelchair
- two people facing a mirror, one hugging the other from behind
- walk up to them from behind and hug them, surprise kiss on the cheek
- guy is standing and the girl is kneeling like the guy is on here and that there are no swords in the picture…
- holding hands, sightseeing, tourists
- holding someone up in the air by their neck
- Brushing hair
- tickles
- back to back shooting
-… something like that
- walking with linked arms or holding hands
- various woman grabbing guy's shirt to pull him towards her for a kiss (sitting different ways, standing, etc)
- A male holding a female by the wrist, close to his chest, like he's stopped her from hitting him, and they're about to go head to head
- female throwing herself in front of a male to protect him from an attack
- female model supporting a dazed/unconscious/injured/DED male model
- girl/girl one, with the two girls holding hands but not looking at each other, like they're embarrassed? or just the holding hands and walking. front view and side views
- tense couples, fighting, arguments, stress, frustration
- female spy/ninja/martial arts duo fights
- Standing together laughing, hugging, crying of joy
- more sexy vampire nibbles
- punches to the stomach
- baby doll with couple
- 'no don't leave me' with the girl on the floor, clutching at the guy's legs
- more defeated from strange perspectives and multiple sitting dead
- campfire poses (like, sitting around and interacting in different ways but the camera still facing the same direction)
-… It's dominant woman with male slave. Her foot is between his thighs. With one hand she holds up his chin, second goes to back. Slave's hands are tied up on back of chair.
-… in profile
- Zombie groups, biting, chasing, eating, etc
- girl sitting on a guys back while he is doing push ups
- mob attack
- carrying the dead/injured
- man kissing/smelling woman's hair
- Cliché wedding proposal! :love:
- girl walking or falling away and he grabs her
- Romantic poses and different angles of kisses & almost kisses.
- one of them (probably the girl) is on her knees, but not defeated yet, and he's standing over her either next to her or behind her, twisting one of her arms behind her, while she uses her other arm to try to twist away and stab him or something...
- boy whispering in girl's ear
- pushing
- a guy being pushed towards a girl.. well, in the moment when he's ''in movement''
-… with multiple people
- writing at a desk; teacher-student kind of relationship (appropriate and inappropriate)

- multiple shots with the same pose with clothing and then bodysuit to compare
- Muscle areas (back, legs, abs, arms, etc)
- hats
- cat pack
- expressions and face shots both male and female
- Emotive bust shots (M&F, group)
- tennis shoe (and other shoes?) pack
The Group Pose Drawing Challenge has ended! Here's all of the entries!! If yours is not here please let me know ASAP! Also, please give me a few days to sort out prizes. In the meantime, check out all these REALLY COOL group resources we made!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!


If you use one of these, be sure to follow the usage requirements for the artist's that submitted them! :D

Dancers by TheNaughtyPirateGroup Pose Drawing Challenge Entry by quenavairAngels + Demons by popartcrimezUnder the tree by iexipixieWaiting for the school buss by WispieFairy dance Line-art by MoonFeyLineart Contest Piece by Ringo-IchigoSakkySnacks Dev by LulaPaloozaGroup Pose Drawing Challenge! by RybenLine Art Contest by TiglysJelyfishGalexyGroup pose study by ZakeenaSenshiStock Group Pose Drawing Challenge! by DeeTeaGirlEntry for SenshiStocks contest by GlueckskatzeSenshiStock's Group Pose Challenge: protas! by AgustinaKazuyoSenshistock Group Pose Challenge by Lady-LumiyaGroup Pose by SparkOfRazielPoses by razvanTX1- Mandarin 6 - group fun - by base-o-holicPose Reference Base - Graduating Class by Manda-of-the-6camping base free to use for contest by Unseenivy253Cat Girl Group Lineart by nlia5067||Contest|| Base: Finishing Pose by Kazumi-SenpaiCE: Group Pose by LegacyFairyOn the Way to School: Group Pose Drawing Contest by starhavenstudiosSenshiStockGroup Pose Contest - Welcome to my lair by SailorChibiXAfter School Senshi Stock Group Pose Challenge by SorianumeraSenshi Stock Group Pose Challenge - by SorianumeraUmbrella Base by TheTalkingHairSenshistock's Group Drawing Challenge- Sleepover by pfertyWhy am I here? by A-plexSenshiStock Pose Challenge Submission by Lainpinky131Medusa by prodandimitrowSenshiStock Group Pose Challenge : On Board ! by eirikr121Ladies to the Rescue! - Group Drawing Challenge by IllustratedJai


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Pose Reference & Stock Resources I Love

There's lots of awesome models on DA and lots of great places on the web to find pose reference and stock! Here's a little list of some great places to check out for some quality pose reference stock:

is a group I founded that accepts submissions of stock photos that are useful for pose reference. To be considered, the model must be wearing form fitting clothing or nude. There are separate folders for nude stock. Watching this group will result in quality pose reference stock appearing in your inbox!

You are here.

Non-nude female full body

Mostly male, mixed undies and nude. Some fem parts.

Her gallery is full of great female reference including some wonderful lying, reclining and sitting poses.

Male stock with underwear on.

has a folder of pole fitness stock photos that are really stunning.

has recently started posting a series of images where he's in just some black shorts. He was already providing amazing action and expressive resources, but this new series is really fantastic for pose reference. There's also some nude stock in the gallery.

Contains non-nude male stock with some action, and couple (m/f) refs with no nudity.

mostly full body female, stock is in a folder

provides some high quality stock photos mainly of herself. Her gallery is very well organized and has a lot of awesome packs available for quick download.

is a fantastic place to go for male nude stock! There's also a ton of images with more than one model. If you need man on man action, this is the account to visit!

has a series called "Melted Wings" which contains really dynamic pose images!

has an MASSIVE gallery, many of the female models are nude and make great pose references!

has a few male pose reference images in his gallery as well as a ton of head and face references.

has an amazing assortment of very high quality, professional resources. Some of the models are nude.

A lot of male reference, mostly pretty classical, nude.

Has some pose reference folders in this section of her gallery. Be sure to check the subfolders!

Has some form fitting clothed pose stuff in this folder

Male, nude, full body, as well as face an anatomy

SenshiStock Sketch is my web app for randomized SenshiStock poses for gesture and sketching practice. Posemaniacs is a fun site with lots of fantastic poses that you can rotate in a virtual space for reference! Also check out for more gesture and sketch practice as well as tutorials.

Feel free to look through the Model Stock I Love folder in my favorites! This is where I tend to collect stock that I find useful for pose reference.

Got any other pose reference resources you think should be listed here? Please let me know!

Happy drawing! :happybounce:

Other great stock accounts on DA that aren't exactly focused on pose ref but are way cool anyway:
:iconaction-stock: :iconsyccas-stock: :icontanit-isis-stock: :iconfaestock: :iconcharligal-stock: :iconraeyenirael-stock: :icondamselstock::iconmjranum-stock::iconbackward-perspective::danika-stock:



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MadMother88 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I was wondering if you guys could do a pose with you looking all smug/in your face, while one the guys just looks annoyed/not impressed?
SenshiStock Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I could put it on the suggestions list though there should be some poses like this in the gallery you could combine for effect. Not sure the expressions will be right but it might be easier to piece together from a few places :D
MadMother88 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, thanks
Floralmist Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Your poses are beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a pose where your dancing with someone?
SenshiStock Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Glad they are helpful! All I have now for pairs dancing is: Dancing Girls - Pose Reference by SenshiStock It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Collab Stock: Girls Divine by SenshiStock Sailor Meguin+Tuxedo AJ Waltz by SenshiStock Sailor Megiun's Dream Dance by SenshiStock and Sailor Team Dance by SenshiStock

definitely something I can do more of in the future :D
Floralmist Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
These are great!!! Thank you so much!
SenshiStock Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
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Hey! You guys rock.

I used a pose for my newest picture:

Victory by Ruby-Orca-616  THE POWER IS YOURS [Image for Drawing Reference] by SenshiStock
KibaStray Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Senshi do know anywhere I can find good references for face structures? I am looking for the different types for male and female: Round, Oval, Square, etc. 
SenshiStock Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hmm might be worth just poking around the galleries? There's a portrait section and you should fine some variety. Women:… Men:… Not sure any one provider would have it though. Good luck! :D
KibaStray Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kind thought that would be the answer. Bummer... Thanks any who. Wish me luck.
SenshiStock Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
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Hi! Sorry for spamming in comment section, but I just have to thank you! Your poses are helping out a lot! ^^ Thank you! <3
SenshiStock Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm so glad to hear it, happy drawing!
MasterMatso Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I made a pic using one of Your references:
Aronansa by MasterMatso Crouching Archer - Pose Reference by SenshiStock
ArtBuggy Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi, I used one of Your stocks for my fan art, It was extremely helpful, Your work is very good I'm glad I found this :)
Seems the thumbnail wont work :( I'll leave a link if You want to check it out,
Bella-Who-1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
I used one of your stocks. :) For one of my characters.
Broken and Delicate by Bella-Who-1 Cause Ya Had A Bad Day - Pose Ref for Drawing by SenshiStock
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Thanks for the fave :D !
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Wow, awesome gallery !
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Watch: +1 !
Have a nice day and keep up the good work !~
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