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A pose can be a great place to start, but there's so many ways it can go from there! Check out the work by all these different artists who started with the same pose in the SenshiStock gallery!

danger ahead by hakubaikouWheres the Rum - 100T.43 by ShannaniganNot a weak imitation... by NephtisMiranda - Cerberus Cheerleader by LeyWinkHolic-Holic-Holic by PeaceMakerGirlPresenting! RainbowFlavoredToast by RainDropSweet

astral girl by ElyataX: Marie Ungeheuer Tonks by DeAnimeJIn a World of Magic by Katoons88con: Assassin Maid by leinwizardGuardian of Heaven by ducky-overlordCaroline 3 by RikezaBewitching by EnjoyBoredom

Kailei by Addictedto-LifeRequest - Rin by MahaforLaura Shepard by MimePinkyAmy Pond Complete by hairwireDirty Paws by Faceless-Fantasy
Post-Apocalyptic Warrior Girl by ClearlyDarknessApocalypse Girl WIP by linnygorahrbang bang by lizzynewmOne by inkwishesDrake Photomanipulation by Erangot+She_Shot_Me_Down+ by Aadira
Tracking nidalee reworked face by megastaryThor by WaxBottleKvitka by ehreskoDullahan by teacake97I'll live and fight for you by solochelyChief of Police by JessicaMariana
Black Wind by Robart523Cat and Mouse by jwebster45206WIP by Holy-Red-CockroachX23 by daledrivenMeet Pete by IvanikaGothowShola by Kaguranacatgirl 2 by madwurmz
Jane the Hurricane by flaredrake20Gabrielle color by SChappellPainter by tydyshpyshStarWars4Ever Contest Entry by PalinourosAxe Sprite by magnesium-cookieMagus Ferox, the Abjurant Champion by MagusFeroxMiche Pirsten by AlonzoConcetta
April 15, 2014 UPDATE: USB 2.0 Preorders will open this THURSDAY APRIL 17th! :D Here's the teaser image from tumblr:

As a reminder, this will be a PREORDER. The drives will ship in May. :D Stay tuned on Thursday for the preorder link!



The SenshiStock USB drives have all the stock from Shoots 1-26 in them. It's about 3000 files, 4GB of stock and it's a quick way to have a huge selection of reference images on the go.

Since the release of the USB, people have asked about how to get the stock that was shot after Shoot 26. Much of the post-Shoot 26 stock is being sold through advance download packs on  They rotate every 6 weeks and once a pack comes down, it's gone until it starts getting posted to the DA gallery.

However, there's still a LOT of stock that isn't going into those packs for various reasons. That other stock is stuck in limbo, waiting for its turn in the gallery.

For that reason, SenshiStock USB Drive 2.0 is now something I am considering. Instead of blue, this drive would be red to easily tell it apart. It would have everything from Shoots 27-35 that isn't going to be sold as a pack on  It would also include the hand and foot packs.  I can talk to Jade about including the stuff I did with him, too (though all of that is already posted to the gallery).  It could also include the entire pregnancy shoot that I will be doing later this month.

I just took a peek and it's currently about 1,700 new images at 4.21 GB.  Plus the stock with Jade and the pregnancy shoot and it should be over 2,200 images. This drive, like the last one, would be $20 + $5 shipping. It's a few less images for the price, but the quantity of unreleased images is much higher (only about 120 images have been posted from these newer shoots so far). Also, many of the stock images are of much higher quality since Shoot 26 was my first shoot with the DSLR and I have worked with some talented photographers since then.

What do you guys think about a second USB drive? Is it something you'd be interested in pre-ordering to help with the upfront costs? If you already have the first USB, is it working out well for you? Any other feedback?

Thanks all and as always, happy drawing! ^___^

My husband's fun paddle moving, saw blade spinning, zombie killing game Pombie Zong is FINALLY available for iPhone and iPad! ^___^  I am credited as Executive Producer on the game, so you should definitely check it out for some adorable, blood splattering fun. :meow:

It's also still available on Android as a full game and a demo.

Here's a map of where I will be at Anime Boston later this month! Please come and visit if you will be at the con! :la: I've been working very hard in the last few weeks to make lots of cute things for the table! I will also have my USB drives and SenshiStock To Go books on hand if you want to pick one up in person.

I'm a bit behind on messages right now due to the aforementioned con prep. I will try to clear out those messages by the end of the week so I can see all the new art you have all posted! :D  Still planning the first pregnancy shoot sometime in April after AB. I'm looking quite round these days! :giggle:
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If love were a train, I'd be run over by it. :heart:

Thank you very much for the many (many!) happy birthday messages today!! :happybounce:

I'm 30! Hurray! It's like suddenly being a real adult (but not really because haha who does that?!).

Still pregnant, too! Woo. I always said I wanted a baby before I was 30, but I didn't specify that it ought to be outside of me so I guess life has still met my requirements. :D 

Lots and lots of people have asked about pregnancy stock and I do plan to do a shoot when I have a bit more to show for it, probably around 6 months or so, after Anime Boston. Not even really sure what sort of themes I should do, past the typical sort of 'pregnant lady' poses. What kind of stuff would you guys be looking for with a shoot like that?  If I can snag AJ or Dave to come be a "dad" in those photos, I will. (Real husband is like a ninja in the shadows, hehe).

As usual, I'm really behind on use messages, but I will catch up eventually! Can't wait to see all the cool art. :headbang:
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Announcing Project F1! by sakkysa

We are all very excited. :D
Over on my art account every year I do a giveaway during the holidays where you can win a custom plush from me. I just started this year's giveaway, so please check it out, spread the word and enter! ^______^

Click HERE or on the image below to get all the details. :w00t!:

UPDATE: Shoot is over! Thanks all, images will be coming by the end of the week :D


Hey all!! GREAT NEWS.

I just confirmed have a male model coming TODAY. FOR REALS. I'm so excited. We are going to take a lot of photos, I won't let this opportunity slip by!! ^___^

In the meantime, I am going to use this shoot as a test for my very first Collective Client Commission Shoot.  Commissioned stock is where artists pay me for specific poses they need in a more urgent timeline than my suggestions list.  

The commissioned stock rate is $5 USD per photo. I will also accept DA Points at 400 :points: per photo. 

Some more notes:
Paid stock has the same rules as any images from SenshiStock: you are allowed to share, copy, distribute, transmit, remix, and adapt the stock as you need it.  You are allowed commercial use of the stock.  You are required to credit when the stock is used in photo manipulations and when it is shared in its raw format in other locations on or offline. As always, public credit is appreciated but not required when the stock is used solely as pose reference.

I retain the rights to the images produced in paid stock.   I also reserve the right to used paid stock in future SenshiStock book and e-book publications as well as to repackage and resell the paid sock from my DeviantART account and as a exclusive package unless we agree upon not doing so before the shoot takes place. I may ask for an additional fee for stock that you do not want resold.

Sorry for the short notice - this is just a test! BEEP.

:bulletblack: SulaMoon (reserved)
:bulletblack: LawrenceMann (reserved)
:bulletblack: BrookeGillette  (reserved)
:bulletblack: Ceata88
:bulletblack: ladycompassion
:bulletblack: ikite-hoshi-sama
:bulletblack: ikite-hoshi-sama
:bulletred: CLOSED!
Check out the announcement about the new mention system dA has implemented:

Deviant and Art MentionsMentions: Connecting People
Mentions are a new, highly requested feature that makes engaging friends and artists in conversation more dynamic than ever before.
What is a Mention?
A Mention is when a deviant’s username, icon, or artwork is included in a comment or Journal. Mentions create links to the deviants or artwork you include, allowing you to highlight artists and engage deviants with ease.
Links to pages on deviantART can quickly be distinguished by their bold, dark-blue color, while external links are darker and have an arrow indicating you are leaving deviantART.
Deviants you mention are notified in the new Mentions section of the Message Center, making engaging and involving others in conversation a simple, hassle-free experience.
How to Mention
There are four ways to mention a deviant.
Displays as

If it works the way it should, simply mentioning my account with a :dev: or :icon: tag in your description, or including the thumb of the stock image you used should notify me of the use of the stock. Assuming it all works properly, you can consider this type of notification sufficient for the requirement in my license agreement to show me your work.  For more help with linking things on dA, please see: FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

If you mention me or thumbnail the stock in the artist comments, you do not have to send me an additional message to tell me about the stock use. Doing so will result in redundant messages and make it more difficult for me to sort through and keep up. ^__^  However, if you choose to not link to me in the artist comments, please be sure you are sending me a message to show me the work.

Hopefully this system works well and this will make it easier for me to find art using the stock and easier for artists to be in compliance with notification requirements. :D

EDIT: Apparently, if you write your artist comments and forget to mention the stock, editing it to add it will not notify me. In that case, please be sure you still message me.  :D

EDIT 2: Obviously, if you post the art off dA you will still have to message me to show me. ^___^; Thought they also implemented this handy off site link icon that shows up next to links to other sites and that will help me a lot, too!

EDIT 3: It seems to be working in most cases, but there's still some times when people have credited me and I'm not getting the mention. ;(  If you don't get a favorite from me within about a week or so, please feel free to message me if you want to be sure I've seen your art!  I don't want to miss a thing!!

EDIT 4: If you post a link to the photo as a URL, it will not tag me. It has to be a thumb (which only subscribers can do, right?) or my DA name as an icon or dev link.
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Hi all! I am back from Japan, what an amazing trip! ^___^ If you guys happen to like Sailor Moon, I recommend you check out the new musical when it becomes available; it was great! I saw it three times. :3

I'd like to thank some awesome friends for helping to manage the account for me while I was on vacation. :iconcrimsonsmouse: :iconpristinepanda: and :iconlittlestkoi: helped me to keep up with messages while I was away. :heart:  Thank you all so much!! :hug:

The SenshiStock To Go books are going to be available VERY SOON (super soon). If you have sent me a NOTE telling me you are interested then you will be notified first.  There are only about 60 books available for purchase right now and there are lots of people interested so please be sure you note me (NOTE MEEEEEEEE) if you want to be informed early. I suspect that they will not be available for very long. ;D

I am currently preparing for Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH Oct 18-20. Please come visit my table if you are going to be there! I am having a raffle to win a custom plush of any character you want! ^____^

Here's some of the cool artwork that was made using SenshiStock while I was traveling! Please check out these artist's galleries for more great stuff. :3

Forest Faerie by MistiqueStudioThe Last of Us - Fan art by AnaNevesArtLivadia by NuaranShe will solve your problems... by SchirakiThe Other One by Skitime123AT with Vikami by RuvillieKhaleigh: Glass of wine by SchneemaehneEarly Reading by SweetLittleVampireConsumer Fraud by nitchwarmerThe Brightest Star by RuvilliePrincess Mononoke by darksix
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Shoot is done (6:45PM Eastern)! That was really fun, hopefully I can do it again sometime. Thanks for coming :3 I took 754 new photos! ^o^

Trying something new today, doing a stock shoot live! :D

>> Click here for the stream! <<

It's my LiveStream account for when I make art, but I thought it would be fun to do my stock shoot today live so you guys can see what I'm doing.

Some notes:
:bulletblue: It's over wifi, so the quality might be horrible
:bulletblue: The room is limited to 50 people so if a lot of people go, you might not be able to get in until someone leaves (sorry!)
:bulletblue: There is a chat but I probably won't be checking it much or else I won't get anything done
:bulletblue: I have a list of things I want to do in this shoot so I'm not going to be taking requests or suggestions

This should be fun!! :D I am starting at 3:15PM and should be on for a few hours. I will update this journal with an offline message when I am done.
Book updates!
- EDIT: Kyle Lemire and Cynthia Parkhurst you need to do your Kickstarter Survey and give me your addresses if you want your stuff!! :heart:
- People who ordered through the Kickstarter should have their books/shirts by the end of this week if you are in the USA.
- International buyers should expect their packages in another week or two depending on the customs in your country.
- If you have sent me a note expressing interest in getting one of the extra books, you will be notified when they are available BEFORE I post publicly that they are available.  There is a limited supply of additional books. If they sell out, I will likely be placing an order for more, but there will be a wait.
- I will not be making additional books available for purchase until late September at the earliest. I am traveling for most of the month and opening orders before I am home would result in lots of delays.

Stock updates!
- I am still scheduled to do a shoot with mjranum-stock in late August. It's likely to be awesome.
- The suggestions list probably needs to be cleaned up. It's kind of crazy and I'm sure there's some things that can be condensed.
- When you make a suggestion about stock you'd like to see in the future, please be as specific as you can about the type of poses you're suggesting. It's helpful to describe the movement or action in the poses rather than to refer to a show, story, or character with which I may or may not be familiar.
- I rented a viola. I am going to use it! I will try not to use it horribly.

Site Updates
- now has "add to cart" button for the USB. There will be additional items in the future that can be added to a cart system. However, the packs still need to be individual transactions because of the way the files are distributed after the purchase. Sorry about that! You should not need a PayPal account to check out; you should be able to use any VISA or Mastercard debit/credit to complete the process.
- On August 31st I will be cycling out the Monster Pack and replacing it with a new pack. You can influence the new poll's subject by voting in the poll.

Life Updates
I will be at Saikoucon in PA this weekend. Is anyone going? I'm pretty sure it is a very small con. ^___^; Looking forward to meeting some new people though! My last con of the year is Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH in October. Really excited that I have been named the Official Con Staff Plush Artist for that show. :3 It will be nice to be done with cons for a while though. :P
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I AM SO HAPPY! :happybounce:

The books are here! :'D I didn't know how emotional I would be, haha. I'm really excited and happy. Thank you so, so, so much for helping me do this. It's really cool. ^_______^;;

The shirts can be seen in the previous update, too!

As mentioned on the official Kickstarter update: I will not have time to ship these out due to cons this month.  Your patience is greatly appreciated! :heart:

After the Kickstarter orders have been filled, the book will be available for purchase on for $35, plus shipping. I will be messaging people directly who have noted me about getting one, so if you want to make sure you know when they are available immediately, send me a note and I will be sure to message you!!

Shipping was included (or subsidized) for the people who backed the project, so you still saved a bit by getting the book in advance (and you helped me get it printed, which is totally rad of you, thank you so much again ♥).

THANK YOU. You guys are so fracking cool. 182 : Dance Together Emoticon

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The print volume of SenshiStock To Go! is currently being made! I ordered 160 copies of the book and I should have a proof from the printer sometime next week. You can get the full update at the Kickstarter Update Page.

The book has 144 full body, color references - many with more than one model! It's a 9 x 12 spiral bound book. I will post a photo when the hard proof comes in! ^__^ If you are interested in getting a book, please send me a note. I am keeping track that way so I can message people directly when they become available.

I have a male model coming this Friday to do some yoga stock for me. I am going to try to fit in a few other poses in the shoot if we have time. I have the wheelchair only until Aug 3 so I really need to do that soon. >< Ack! Trying to prepare for two conventions in Aug (Otakon and Saikoucon) so it's kind of a hectic time to be trying to fit stock shoots in, but you get it when you can, right?! ;P

I wouldn't have it any other way. :meow: Being busy is better than the alternative!

Keep that art rolling in. Here's some of my recent favorites!

Sayne and Pahz by Enock circulation of shadows by LunarShore Zombie 3- Half Zombie, Crawler by JessiArts Save me, umbrella! by Iskander1989 Body Bags by abelgrave angua by crespella
The a new poll for the new advance download paid pack on resulted in the Stair Pack winning! Please check it out! Lots of new and great poses. ^__^

:iconmjranum-stock: and I have confirmed our collaborative shoot! It will be on August 27th. It is a 6 hour drive to his studio so I am looking into having another model or two come along so I can have company and so we can do some more fun things with the shoot, too.  We're in the early stages of planning the shoot, but it sounds like a lot of awesome. I will be leaving super early, driving out for the shoot and driving back that night. It's going to be a very long day, but I believe it's going to be fantastic!! Marcus is also going to shoot some stock for his account with me in some costumes. I am very excited about this collab!!! Marcus has generously agreed to allow me to release the stock in paid advance downloads, but like the rest of SenshiStock it will all eventually be available online for free.

The book project is currently in a bit of a limbo while I wait for the last few people to respond to the survey questions. If I do not get a response from them by July 20 I will be moving on with the basic info from their Kickstarter profile for credit and following up with them later on other details. I don't want to hold up the entire project for a few straggling bits of info.  If you have not yet responded please do so by July 20 to have your preferences met!  All the USB drives from the project have shipped except one for which I don't yet have the address. Please check your mail for those as they should be arriving this week or early next!

I am going to be ordering approximately 25 extra "It's for art, I swear!" shirts. If you want to pre-order a shirt, you still can. They are $25 which includes US shipping. International shipping is an additional $10. Please send me a dA note with your size, color preference, and PayPal email and I will invoice you. ^__^

I am currently preparing for Otakon this August 9-11 in Baltimore. MD. I am in the artist alley! Here's a map of where I will be: Map of Sakky/SenshiStock at Otakon!  If I have service, I will be tweeting specials and other events all weekend. Please come and visit me!! :thanks:

As always, happy drawing! :w00t!:

Kickstarter Wrap-up! Upcoming Projects.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 4:21 PM

A Message from SenshiStock

The SenshiStock To Go fund drive is over! Yay! We raised $5,856, which is amazing! ^____^ Now I need to go about sorting through all the info and figuring out all the math for the rewards and book printing. Weeee that's going to be fun! ;D  Surveys for the rewards are going out this week so if you participated, be sure to check your email and reply to the survey so I can get all the info I need from you in a timely manner.

If you are interested in purchasing a book post-Kickstarter, please send me a note and let me know! I'm trying to keep track of how many people are interested so I can order some additional books to have for sale after the reward books ship.  I hope to also have buttons and shirts available afterwards.

Even though we didn't make the super crazy stretch goal for the collab shoot with mjranum-stock I think I'd still like to try to do a shoot with him. Hopefully I will have some more news on that in a little while; we're still chatting about it. :meow:

Other than that, I have Otakon for which I need to prepare. I'm also going to be at Saikoucon in PA in August.  If you're at a con I'm at, please come visit me in the artist alley! I'm trying to remember to list myself as Sakky's Plush N Stuff AND SenshiStock. ;P I will be in Japan for a few weeks in Sept and then I have Another Anime Con in October so it is going to be a very busy end of summer/early fall. 

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all the usage messages you guys leave me so there might be a big more of the fav and run going on. I'm sorry in advance; I'd really like to comment on everything you guys make but deviantART's spam system automatically blocks me from replying if I do it too often and with the volume of messages that I get, I tend to set the spam blocking stuff off whenever I try to catch up. ; ~ ; As always, a fav from me means, "Thank you for showing me the stock and I'm really glad it was helpful!" Please continue to show me your art; seeing your work the most important thing to me about running this account. hasn't been updated in a while, but I am going to post a new pack around the 13th of July. Looks like the Bird's Eye Pack is the one that will be coming down. I will post another reminder before it's removed, but be sure to pick that pack up before July 13th if you want to have it way in advance of those images being available in the gallery here.  I will probably do another poll to figure out which pack will be the new one.

Hope everyone in the US is having a nice 4th of July week! I will be going to some cookouts and seeing some family and trying to relax a little before I dive into the next crazy convention prep time. :heart: And Happy Canada Day, too! ^_____^

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I -heart- SenshiStock by isoldel

Mass Fav is Mass Love Stamp by sakkysaWhenever I want Stamp by lightskinI'm a stock artist.... by UnicornRealityPinata Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSailor Moon is Still Awesome by tennyocelestiaStamp Battlestar Galactica by DwayneFBatnoes  stamp D: by KagomexxxSesshomarusharing by soapboxfactoryStill Alive Stamp by SD-StampsHappily Married by MissLittlewoodGay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupaLove Llamas stamp by izka197Nibble by InuyyashadArama Llamas Plea by IkueZe Daft Punk by C4nv4sLlama Badge stamp by izka197Suggest a DD stamp by ThiefoworldI want you to succeed by HarmonicSonic

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Congrats to :iconbatmilk: on being my 60Kth watcher and getting a sub! Woo!!

Also, THE KICKSTARTER IS IN IT'S FINAL DAYS. Now is the time to jump on board if you've been hanging out on the sidelines. To motivate you, there's a new Super Duper Stretch Goal!!

If the project funds double the amount it's at RIGHT NOW I will be doing a collaborative shoot with the SUPER talented and amazing :iconmjranum-stock:. HOW COOL, RIGHT?! :excited:

That means we have to hit $9,234 by 4:06PM Eastern on Sunday June 30th.

We can do it, you can help!

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Fav this journal! Leave a comment! LET'S END THIS WITH A WEEEEEEEEEEEE! :iconexcitedblushplz:

LAST DAY for T-shirt/Button Promotion!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 9:17 AM

A Message from SenshiStock

Today is the LAST DAY of the shirt challenge!! We need to get 6 4! more shirts ordered by the end of the day today to unlock the new SenshiStock button!

If you were thinking about getting a shirt but you weren't sure, today's the day to commit! :la:  Shirts are at the $25 level (includes shipping in the USA!) but you can also get them with other rewards starting at the $60 level.

The whole project has only 5 more days left!! ^___^ FINAL STRETCH! WOO! SENSHISTOCK BOOK!


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I -heart- SenshiStock by isoldel

Mass Fav is Mass Love Stamp by sakkysaWhenever I want Stamp by lightskinI'm a stock artist.... by UnicornRealityPinata Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSailor Moon is Still Awesome by tennyocelestiaStamp Battlestar Galactica by DwayneFBatnoes  stamp D: by KagomexxxSesshomarusharing by soapboxfactoryStill Alive Stamp by SD-StampsHappily Married by MissLittlewoodGay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupaLove Llamas stamp by izka197Nibble by InuyyashadArama Llamas Plea by IkueZe Daft Punk by C4nv4sLlama Badge stamp by izka197Suggest a DD stamp by ThiefoworldI want you to succeed by HarmonicSonic

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This has nothing to do with stock but LOTS to do with me and my fabulously talented husband! He has just published his very first game for Android.  It's called Pombie Zong! Check it out because it's FUN and cute and I'm the Executive Producer!

Go to Google Play Store and see POMBIE ZONG!


Next order of business! UPCOMING SHOOTS!

I don't really NEED to take more stock since I have over 1000 images to post still from previous shoots (:O_o:), but there's a lot happening right now anyway! I recently obtained a WHEELCHAIR which people have asked me about in the past. If you have specific suggestions for poses I can do using the wheelchair please leave them in the comments!

I found a music shop nearby that has a lot of junk instruments. They can't sell them to me right now because they aren't on inventory, but I'm going to go back in a few days and talk to the owner and see if I can get a hold of some of them for cheap. They are things like violins without the little part your chin sits on, trumpets without all the valves, and things like that.  I figure I can fake it in those instances as long as the bulk of the instrument is there you guys can fill in the details with other references. Hoping that pans out!!

I have a tentative scheduled shoots in July with both and experienced female martial artist and her husband (who also has martial arts training) AND an older male model who will be doing some yoga stock for me. I am still working on getting a male/male shoot but I'm struggling to find willing participants. I might have to resort to bribery. More updates on that later! ;P

And the Kickstarter is still happening!

The SenshiStock To Go! Kickstarter is trucking along. We're in the middle of the campaign right now so things do tend to get a little slow here. There's still an offer on the table to get an additional 25 stock images to everyone at the $10 level and up if we meet the 100 book order threshold! We are currently about 37 books shy of that goal but I'm sure we can do it! ^____^

I did an interview with jademacalla last week where we talked about the project and lots of other random stuff (including hubby's game! and my art, and my awesome new business cards... hehehehe :evillaugh:).  You can listen to most of it from the deviation below, or get the full interview on Jade's site, Playful Knavery

'til next time! :salute:


UPDATE 6/12: Check out this interview I did with jademacalla about the Kickstarter, life, plush making, my handsome husband, and my controversial new business card. ;D 

UPDATE 6/11: AnimeNEXT was awesome and now THE PROJECT IS FUNDED!!! :excited: So awesome!! Thank you everyone! I posted the shirt design as well as the new pack of stock to reward everyone for helping me hit 75% by June 9th.

The lower reward levels (the digital stock and the shirt) are super important to the success of the project.  These lower levels help with the subsidized price of the book, so if you are interested in supporting me and the project but you don't necessarily need or want the book, please consider these lower levels! ^____^

If we get 100 books ordered, everyone at the $10 level and up will get an additional 25 digital stock images! The more books we order the cheaper they get so PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! :la:

Magical Girl Homura - Pose Reference by SenshiStockSenshiStock T-Shirt Design for Kickstarter! by SenshiStock

UPDATE 6/2: We are over 50% funded in less than two days! Incredible!! You guys are amazing, and I have so many great ideas if we blow this out of the water so please continue to spread the word and get people excited about the project! :D  I am hoping to have the t-shirt design posted tonight. cairn4 has been working on it for me. :heart: I posted an official Kickstarter update with some more info on funding rewards so check that out!

UPDATE 6/1: If I hadn't had to work insanely early today, the book would've funded 33% before I woke up so WE'LL CALL THAT A GOAL MET. :D You guys are amazing.  Here's the reward stock:

Prince Karl's Fantastic Umbrella - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

This is a great way to start the campaign! Remember: the money from the Kickstarter will go towards printing this book, but I have some optional stretch goals other than just that if we do fund the project quickly! Keep it up!

Here's the TUMBLR POST.  Please reblog! :la:

ORIGINAL POST: The time has come to print the new book of SenshiStock reference photos! :party:

I teamed up with some very talented people to put this book together and now I'm asking for help from the internet to fund the first printing! All of the money raised from the Kickstarter will go towards printing the books so there should be some left over to sell online and at conventions.  I'm super excited!!

Please check out the Kickstarter page, read about the rewards and support this project!  Nothing happens unless the project FULLY FUNDS by June 30 at 4:06PM Eastern.  Can't financially support the project at this time? No worries! There's a LOT more free and awesome SenshiStock coming to DA! Please considering passing the word along to artists and friends you think may be interested. :D

Thank you all for your continued support AND for the awesome art you show me every day! :thanks:
UPDATE 5/27, Part 2: OKAY! I'm all caught up. Maybe I will post some stock before ANext :P

UPDATE 5/27: I have nearly 200 usage messages that are still waiting for me and I have AnimeNEXT in two weeks. I did well at ACen and AB so I have to restock for AN. I promise to post more stock after that! ;D Thanks for your awesome artwork! Most of my visits will have to be fav and runs to clear out all these messages without activating dA's spam blocks. Sorry in advance! :heart:


I had ACen next week and I will be at Anime Boston this weekend so I'm a little crazy right now. No time really to post stock or check messages so they are kind of piling up, but I promise to catch up eventually so keep sending me your art!! :la:  Sorry to make you wait so long!!

This is my table location for Anime Boston in the Art Alley:

Please come visit!! ^___________^  I will have USB drives and the prototype for the new stock book. I'm also selling raffle tickets to win a custom plush of anything you want. IT'S A PARTY!