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Big thanks to CelticStrm-Stock for the DD on the Broom Pack Preview! :love:

I'm glad you guys got a kick out of that one. :giggle:

I was already a few weeks behind on messages, so now I'm REALLY REALLY behind. Beware of incoming fav and runs as I plan to catch up sometime this week.

I just posted an update to the IGG Campaign about the back end dev for the SenshiStock Sketch App updates. It's coming along!

I am going to be doing a shoot this weekend so please check out the Patreon page for information about accessing images from each monthly shoot in advance. Not 100% sure what I'm doing yet, but I do want to use that giant mirror I got a while back.

And if anyone needs a rainbow cat neck pillow, there's a Kickstarter for that.
Rainbow Cat Lick Icon

That's all for now. Going to unpack my bags from AAC, clean my office, do some message cleaning, watch some Doctor Who, and start catching up on commissions.

I am currently inside the chaos of con prep for Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH from October 16-18. I have a dealer's space this year so I'm trying to make roughly 3x the amount of stock I usually bring for an art alley table. So... that's a lot, yeah.  Here's some of it.

Crazy Dancing

Anywhodilly, this means comments are going to sit for a while and stock submissions will be slow. I will eventually catch up, promise. I'm trying to keep up with answering questions, at least, but if something is urgent please send me a note because I'm much less likely to miss that than a comment.

In the meantime, just keep sending me links to your art and I will favbomb the crap out of everyone and blow up all your inboxes sometime near the end of October.

Explode la plz 

Definitely come see me at AAC if you will be there! I will have SenshiStock Books and USB drives and maybe even some shirts since I have so much space, weeeeee!!! I'm also having a raffle to win a custom plush of anything you want* and that's always a good time. You actually don't have to be there to enter the raffle, you just need a proxy to fill out the tickets with your name and contact (either phone, twitter, or email). You can see my plush in my art gallery.

Aaaaaand it's almost the end of the month which means Patreon posts will be coming after the end of the month's payments process! I AM GOING TO DO A SHOOT BEFORE THE END OF SEPTEMBER, so if you want to get in on the advanced access stuff, now's a good time to pledge your support! It's super close to the first Milestone Goal (only $9/mo. to go!) which will allow me to commit to doing a shoot every month. That's soooo much more stock that I am making right now so that will be fantastic.

:willie-e-coyote: (this is not a promise for rocket riding stock, but I will see what I can do.)

Big, huge thanks to everyone who's pledged so far. Heart Love

The first bits of updates to SenshiStock Sketch rolled out a while back (we added some new handy buttons! HURRAY!). The photo categories/tagging system stuff is in dev right now. Still hoping to have it up by the end of the month, but I think it's probably going to run into October. I will keep you posted!


Beautiful works of art recently completed using my stock!

Noah of Deceit by ResidentBrainFull Body: Painting - Justine by Hookecover1 by benamentemotor oil by boneguts  Skate Killer by arifmere123x 
The Transformation (CubeBrush Contest Entry) by Tosmobot   You've Been Caught, Little Bird by NightsongWS
   WoW - Commission - Wynlea by JoJollyArtPurge by DropdeadcoheedIn-search-of-a-shelter by DeniseWorisch
The Frozen Throne by Wynta-IllustrationsSides by La-Rine
I updated my front page to make things a bit less cluttered. Everything is still there, I've just moved some things around and condensed a few items into links. The Suggestions List is now off site in a a Google Doc. The FAQ and Pose Reference Stock You Need To Know are now links to the journals so I can just update in one place. If you can't find something, please feel free to ask!

The IndieGoGo Campaign for updates to SenshiStock Sketch was fully funded! Hurray! UPDATE: The funds have cleared and all the funders should have an email from me with information on accessing their perks. Thanks so much! We will be rolling out the updates to the app over the next month. :boogie:

If you missed out on the subscription perk, don't worry! You can check out my Patreon and subscribe there, too. Backing at the $2.50/month level (that's $30/year) gives you automatic access to any new packs that come up on for as long as you are subscribed. I post a new pack every six weeks or so.

There are higher pledge levels which gain you access to more advance stock from upcoming shoots. If the monthly contributions reach $100 then I will be making time in my schedule to do a new shoot every month!

If the stock has been helpful to you, please consider supporting my Patreon. Your generous support will allow me to dedicate more time to the creation of stock and the management of this account. :thanks:

All of the prizes for the SenshiStock Group Pose Challenge winners have been snail mailed and should be arriving this week. Thank you everyone for entering! Please feel free to do the challenge even though the contest portion has ended. There's always a need for more awesome group poses!

There's lots and lots more stock to come! As always, happy drawing! :la:

- How long have you been on DeviantArt?
My oldest account asteraascended has been subscribed since July 2003, so that's 12 years.

- What does your username mean?
The "Stock" part should hopefully be self-explanatory, but I provide 'stock' or base images from which other artists create new works. The "Senshi" part is a Japanese word for 'soldier' which was used in the manga/anime Sailor Moon. Originally, my account was a reference of poses for Sailor Moon fan characters. This is also why all the models have fancy names like "Tuxedo" whatever, and "Sailor" such-and-such, and why some of the oldest deviations have Sailor-themed titles.

- Describe yourself in three words.
Bouncy, forgetful, hungry.

- Are you left or right handed?

- What was your first deviation?
I'm sure it has been since deleted on my other account, but on this account it was Sailor Pose 1, put up on October 21, 2007. I consider October 21 to be my Stockaversary.
Sailor Pose 1 by SenshiStock

- What is your favourite type of art to create?
I like drawing Sailor Moon fanart with colored pencils; I post that stuff on sakkysa 

- If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I would love to instantly be good at watercolors.

What was your first favourite?
On this account, it was a Sailor Moon fan character artwork by my friend purenightshade. (I have over 24,500 favorites. That's a LOT of art made with my stock! :happybounce:)
Realism - Ophiuchus by purenightshade

- What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
That's really hard to say since I have sooooo many favorites. I think most of the stuff I see is digital art. On my other account it's a lot of Sailor Moon stuff.

- Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Is this a thing I can pick? That's really, really hard. I don't think I can pick. I know that's lame, but ;P

- If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I want to do a stock shoot with PirateLotus-Stock, then go make art that makes people uncomfortable with UnicornReality.

- How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I've made so many friends here, I can't imagine life without any of them. But I bought a sweet camera from jademacalla and that at least made my stock a little better haha :slow:

- What are your preferred tools to create art?
For actual art and not stock, I typically am using Prismacolor colored pencils and some Sakura Micron pens. Or, I'm sewing felt and fleece.

- What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Usually just in my office. Next to my wall of Sailor Moon toys.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Probably the day I got my Senior Badge/Deviousness Award. I know it sounds crazy cheesy, but I was having an awful day and it came at a great time and really cheered me up.

Happy Birthday, DeviantArt. I hope you have many, many more. :heart:

Help fund updates to SenshiStock Sketch!

SenshiStock Sketch has been live for almost one year, and people are using it every day! We'd like to bring more to the app and make it even MORE useful for artists all over the world.

Funds raised through this campaign will pay for the development of new features including:
:bulletblue: No repeat images in a session
:bulletblue: A back button to return to previous images
:bulletblue: A timer reset
:bulletblue: Photo categories/tagging system

The tagging system will allow you to select more granular options when running the app such as showing only men, showing only seated poses, and that sort of thing. We will also be adding hundreds more images to the rotation!

Support the project and get access to exclusive and advanced access SenshiStock through the Perks system. Thanks so much and happy drawing!

We had enough prizes donated for the Group Pose Drawing Challenge that everyone who entered wins something! Hurray! I made the prize packs and then randomly generated the winners for each one. Congrats to everyone for doing the challenge! If you won a physical item, please send me a note with your full name and mailing address! Thanks for entering and thanks for your patience, too! ^___^

The entries are here: Group Challenge Contest Entries!

Wins Prize Pack 1:
  • SenshiStock USB
  • 3 Month DA Subscription
  • Exclusive Stock from jademacalla
  • advance access stock from MostlyGuyStock
  • and a Top Secret button from jademacalla
  • (Please note me AND Jade your mailing address!)

Wins Prize Pack 2:

:iconillustratedjai: & :iconrazvantx1:
Each win Prize Pack 3:

Wins Prize Pack 4:

Wins Prize Pack 5:
  • SenshiStock Book
  • exclusive stock from Null-Entity
  • and 100pts from SenshiStock
  • (Please note me your mailing address!)

:iconglueckskatze: & :iconagustinakazuyo:
Each win Prize Pack 6:
  • SenshiStock Book
  • and 100pts from SenshiStock
  • (Please note me your mailing address!)

:iconlulapalooza:, :iconnlia5067:, :iconquenavair:, :iconlainpinky131: & :iconthenaughtypirate:
Each win Prize Pack 8:
  • SenshiStock Shirt
  • (Please note me your mailing address and shirt size! If I don't have your size, I will send an alternate prize)

:iconlegacyfairy:, :iconsparkofraziel:, :iconkazumi-senpai:, :iconpopartcrimez:, :iconryben: & :iconmoonfey:
Each win Prize Pack 9:
  • Advance Download Pack
  • (Please message me with the currently available pack that you'd like for download!)

:iconbase-o-holic:, :iconmanda-of-the-6:, :iconmonicasamir:  & :iconwispie:
Each win Prize Pack 10:

:iconeirikr121:, :iconprodandimitrow:, :iconpferty:, :iconsailorchibix:, :iconstarhavenstudios:, :iconlady-lumiya:, :iconzakeena:, :icondeeteagirl:, :icontiglysjelyfishgalexy:, :iconringo-ichigo: & :iconiexipixie:
Each win the final prize pack:
  • 100 points
  • (Your points are coming from different donors so I will message them and arrange for the transfer!)

The Group Pose Drawing Challenge has ended! Here's all of the entries!! If yours is not here please let me know ASAP! Also, please give me a few days to sort out prizes. In the meantime, check out all these REALLY COOL group resources we made!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!


If you use one of these, be sure to follow the usage requirements for the artist's that submitted them! :D

Dancers by TheNaughtyPirateGroup Pose Drawing Challenge Entry by quenavairAngels + Demons by popartcrimezUnder the tree by iexipixieWaiting for the school buss by WispieFairy dance Line-art by MoonFeyLineart Contest Piece by Ringo-IchigoSakkySnacks Dev by LulaPaloozaGroup Pose Drawing Challenge! by RybenLine Art Contest by TiglysJelyfishGalexyGroup pose study by ZakeenaSenshiStock Group Pose Drawing Challenge! by DeeTeaGirlEntry for SenshiStocks contest by GlueckskatzeSenshiStock's Group Pose Challenge: protas! by AgustinaKazuyoSenshistock Group Pose Challenge by Lady-LumiyaGroup Pose by SparkOfRazielPoses by razvanTX1- Mandarin 6 - group fun - by base-o-holicPose Reference Base - Graduating Class by Manda-of-the-6camping base free to use for contest by Unseenivy253Cat Girl Group Lineart by nlia5067||Contest|| Base: Finishing Pose by Kazumi-SenpaiCE: Group Pose by LegacyFairyOn the Way to School: Group Pose Drawing Contest by starhavenstudiosSenshiStockGroup Pose Contest - Welcome to my lair by SailorChibiXAfter School Senshi Stock Group Pose Challenge by SorianumeraSenshi Stock Group Pose Challenge - by SorianumeraUmbrella Base by TheTalkingHairSenshistock's Group Drawing Challenge- Sleepover by pfertyWhy am I here? by A-plexSenshiStock Pose Challenge Submission by Lainpinky131Medusa by prodandimitrowSenshiStock Group Pose Challenge : On Board ! by eirikr121Ladies to the Rescue! - Group Drawing Challenge by IllustratedJai

THIS CONTEST IS OVER! But feel free to still do the challenge if you want. :D


It's been a long time since we've had a drawing challenge around here, so let's do something that will test your skills AND help the general drawing community!

As many of you probably know, finding references for multiple people can be tough. It's also a good exercise to compose multiple figures into one image! This challenge aims to both help you practice your multi-figure skills AND help the community have more resources for this type of composition!

How To Enter!

  1. Create a line art drawing with 5 or more full body figures together using SenshiStock images as the reference.
  2. Submit your composition under the Resources & Stock Images -> Line-art & Character Templates section, OR the appropriate pixel base section, with a Creative Commons license. In the Artist's Comments, link to the SenshiStock poses that you used so people can go back to check them for additional information if they want to use your composition.
  3. The contest portion of this challenge is over, but you can still do it for fun and you'll be helping other artists, too!

Additional Notes

  • Submitting to Creative Commons means you will allow people to use your submissions for their art. This means your work may be traced, vectored, referenced, pixeled, copied, redistributed, etc. (but it should always be with credit!). If you are not willing to allow people to use your work in this manner, please do not enter the contest.  You choose the CC license near the bottom of your submission in the section called "Publishing Options."
  • You can modify the poses somewhat to fit the composition as long as you started with something inspired by SenshiStock for each pose.
  • "Together" means there should be some overlap in the poses so they work as a cohesive group. Some parts of the poses might be obscured for compositional purposes, but they should generally be full body.
  • Any medium is okay, so long as the figure's outlines are clear. You can have additional form definition like cross contour or shading if you want, but it's not required. Don't add on any hair or outfits that obscure the form.


Prizes will be awarded randomly to eligible participants. I will give out as many prizes as I can! Each token counts as an entry so you increase your odds of winning by doing additional figures. Prizes include, but are not limited to:
For physical items, shipping is free worldwide. If you have any questions, please ask me. HAPPY DRAWING! :happybounce:


My SenshiStock USB 2.0 drives are back in stock! Yaaaaay!

I have a general email list for SenshiStock updates, including early access to packs for testing and exclusive previews. Be sure to sign up for that if you want reoccurring info about new stock! You can also like me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter and tumblr.


Pombie Jump by SenshiStock

My husband just released a new Android game! It's called Pombie Jump! You tap to jump and swipe to dive and try to collect as many brains as you can without dying. There's fun little characters that you can unlock the more you play! :D Yay Pombies! (Hmm... I should petition him for a white bodysuit Pombie... but they don't have bodies... hmmm hmmm...)

Get it on the Google Play Store or on! iOS version is coming soon!

If you're into game dev, you can follow his stuff on his web site, twitter, and Facebook! YAY GAMES!


The first of the baby bases have arrived! :la: Big thanks to base-o-holic for doing these! They are so adorable. :heart:

- Mandarin 5 - mother and child - by base-o-holic

I will be working with some other base makers, too. And I plan to take a few more photos of the baby when the weather gets a bit warmer.  Now she can sit and play by herself and it should make for some fun interactions! Maybe some cats will help out, too!

I just wrapped up Queen City Kamikaze yesterday, a little one day high school convention. I'm preparing now for Anime Boston. I will be at Table U73 with USB drives and SenshiStock To Go books, as well as my art. My table is right around the corner on the first block near the entrance so it should be pretty easy to find! You can see the map on the Anime Boston website. I might "cosplay" SenshiStock on one of the days so please say hi if you see me walking around in my bodysuit. ;P

The Airborn Pack went live last weekend after enthusiastic poll results. It looks like the Swing Pack will be the next one to cycle out next month, so pick that up if you don't want to have to wait for it.

The SenshiStock Sketch app has been getting positive reviews from users. I'm glad you guys are finding it helpful. There's still a lot more pictures to add to the rotation, but I have to copy and paste the URLs manually. If you see an image in there which doesn't make sense (like there's a pack preview or something) please let me know so I can take it out.

And lastly, my handsome husband cairn4 is working on a new Android game called Pombie Jump. It's an endless runner that I find endlessly frustrating and yet feel the need to keep playing because I want to beat my previous high score. You can download it here. It's still a WIP so check back occasionally for updates, or follow him on Twitter!

Happy Drawing!! :happybounce:
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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that offered to help. The Korean translation is now up on this page, third from the top :w00t!:
Translation of License Agreement - Part IIThis page for 中文, 日本語, 한국의, Suomi, Nederlands, Cymraeg, Român, Taglish, Hrvatski, Bahasa, Hebrew, Ελληνικά (Greek)
Chinese (中文)
:bulletblack: 只要你鳴謝以及連結DeviantArt(DA)的帐户, 你就可以分享及发行DA的圖片(簡稱圖片)。


I'm looking for a Korean translation of the following SenshiStock usage guidelines for my translation journals. If you are fluent in both English and Korean and can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it! :D

1) You can share and distribute the stock as long as you give credit and link to the DeviantArt account. Any stock found posted without credit will be seen as in violation of this rule. THIS INCLUDES PLACES LIKE PHOTOBUCKET. If you re-post this stock somewhere, credit must be given.

2) NOTIFY ME! Show me your art! If it's on DA, I will fav it. I also promote some work made using my stock through Thumbshare, stock communities, and my own features.

3) Credit MUST be given for stock used in photo manipulations. Prints and off site use is allowed. A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit. For help, read this FAQ page. For off site, do not just credit to 'SenshiStock' in text, there must be a live hyperlink to the account.

4) Credit is greatly appreciated when the stock is used for solely pose reference, but it is not required when making original art using the stock as reference. Please be advised that DA's FAQ suggests linking to stock used to avoid any "confusion or misunderstandings." A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit if you would like to include it. For help, read this FAQ page. Please send me a link to your work as I would like to see and collect it.

Here's a great start from 19773AC:…

For everyone else who came by to read this but can't help, here's some kittens:
Baby Kitten by RebeckaMooTwo Kitties by squirrelismyfriendWE DONT CARE by SonicDrewA Tiny Handful by DarlingChristieTom Kitten by DiscontentHermit
Happy New Year! :party:

I will be at Anime Boston this April 3-5 with my plush/art stuff from sakkysa. I will have SenshiStock To Go books and a bunch of USB 1 & 2 Drives. Please stop by and say hi! ^__^

I am skipping a lot of the middle of the year cons again this year because the kiddo is still BFing and I don't want to have to deal with all that jazz. ;P But hopefully in 2016 I can get back to ACen, Otakon, and maybe AnimeNEXT? It will be my big come back.

I haven't done any new stock lately but I'm just dying to do a shoot so hopefully one day while my lovely mum in law is over I can set something up. We're coming up on 6 mo. post-partum so I want to do a 360 turn around for that for comparison. I took some photos with baby and gave them to a base maker that I know so hopefully there will be some mom/baby bases forthcoming. I know it's not the same as a photo ref, but since I'm not super keen on baby being a model it'll have to be the next best thing.

Speaking of which, here's the little bugger. I'm quite liking this mom thing, even if it doesn't currently leave much time for anything else. :3

I keep promising I'm going to add more poses to SenshiStock Sketch. I will at some point, I just have to figure out where we left off and start copy and pasting the fav me links. Tedious coding is tedious. :P

I guess that's all for now! See you on the next update. :heart:

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The end of the year approaches! :la: I haven't done much post-partum stock but mostly because there's just not a lot of spare time for it. Fortunately, I have a LOT of backlog to post so there's still hundreds of poses to come! ^___^ In the meantime, here's some stuff that's going on right now:

SenshiStock End of the Year Sale Pack!

All the packs from 2014 are now on sale in a giant mashed together pack at a 40% discount! You can pick it up on or check out the details here: 2014 Sale Pack - Now Available! by SenshiStock

SenshiStock Books - Free or Discounted Shipping Until Christmas!

SenshiStock To Go, the spiral bound edition of exclusive, book only stock is now FREE shipping for US buyers until Christmas! International buyers also get a $10 discount. There's not too many of these books left so be sure to pick one up before they are gone! Get all the details and order yours at

Free Plush Giveaway!

On my art account sakkysa every year I have a free plush giveaway for Christmas. All you have to do is fill out a form and you are entered to win. The more people who enter, the more prizes I unlock! Get all the details and the link to the form to enter here:
Sakky's 5th Annual Free Plush Giveaway! LAST CALL by sakkysa

Sketch App Updated!

The web app for sketch practice, SenshiStock Sketch has been updated and now has 749 images in rotation. I hope to have some time to add more soon! If you've used SenshiStock Sketch, please let me know if there are other features you'd like to see.

Hope everyone has a great end of the year, looking forward to seeing lots and lots of amazing art from all of you in 2015!! :D
Hey all!

Many of you have been asking me for something like this for years, so I'm really excited to make this announcement! Thanks to my handsome husband, cairn4, we now have a beta version of SenshiStock Sketch, a web app for gesture and sketching practice using SenshiStock images.  You can also think of it as a SenshiStock randomizer!

Here's what it looks like and how it works:

Check it out here:

SenshiStock Sketch

There's only 463 images right now, but I will be adding more soon. You have the option to change the timer and there's a link to visit the full image on DA if you want to work from it for a bit longer (you can also pause the timer to keep the current image up longer). This site should work fairly well on most mobile devices too, but please give us feedback if you run into any technical issues! :D

Also, if you guys missed out on the combo shoot advanced pack I did with Sinned-angel-stock you might be interested to know that all those images are included on her new USB drive which you can preorder now. Get all the details here:
Sinned-angel-stock collection USB!!!! by Sinned-angel-stock

Happy drawing! :la:
Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to get the Dual Blade Pack from! Tomorrow I will be posting a new, exciting pack and those dual blade, awesome resources will go into hibernation for a while. Don't miss them!!  As a reminder: purchasing advance download stock gives you access to piles of resources before they are publicly available in the deviantART gallery. It also helps support me and the work I'm doing! Thanks for your support!!

I'm continuing to try to keep up with messages (with a little help) and adding all your lovely art to my favorites. I have very limited time at the computer so I am resorting mostly to fav and runs. As always, know that a fav and run from me means, "Thanks for showing me the art, glad the stock was helpful, and keep up the good work!" :la:

Baby is 11 days old today and we are doing well. She has a follow up appointment with her pedi tomorrow and we are hoping we are back to birth weight. (Did you know? Babies lose up to 10% of their birth weight shortly after being born, but gain it back with healthy eating over the next 7-10 days!).

Not sure when I will resume posting stock; at this point we take it day to day. Being a new mom is everything everyone said it would be!!  Keep drawing everyone! :D

P.S. :iconsinned-angel-stock: is having a contest!! And there are subscription prizes, too! Check it out!
Sinned-angel-stock USB!Introducing the Sinned-angel-stock full stock collection USB!
The price is $25.
Pay here, and make sure to include your shipping information:
ALL my stock will be included! The collab :iconsenshistock: that haven't been released yet, sets that were taken down, and sets that were never released! The images are organized in subfolders and further organized by name, and most have the same name as appears in my gallery, for easy linkage and credit. The only stock I will not be including is the ones photographed by :iconmjranum-stock: :)
If you're sad you missed out on getting a sketch from sinned-angel and would like to commission me for artwork, check out my art here: :icongoddessredd: -- I do $10 sketch commissions!
So the very awesome
7/31/13 Update! Amalia Ruth, born 7/30/14 at 10:06pm! 8lb 14oz, mom and baby are doing well! Photo coming soon! :D


Just a brief update to let you know that baby has not yet arrived! She is due July 19th so she could show up anytime between now and a few weeks after that. I'm keeping busy with my waiting by catching up on lots of personal projects that I've been putting off for a few years. :D  I am a little behind on message now, but probably I will post at least a few stocks before she comes (unless she comes tomorrow? It's just crazy, you never know!)

I've started an newsletter list that people can subscribe to if they want to get email notifications for SenshiStock related things. I will use it on occasion for updates about things like new stock packs being available, contests, new merch, or other special events.  It's an opt in process through MailChimp, so you can always stop the emails at any time!

Sign up for the SenshiStock newsletter here!

In addition to that, you can also like me on Facebook or follow me on twitter and tumblr.

I am still hoping to shoot a few pictures with the giant 9 month belly, but I'm not going to have the energy to set up a full shoot. Most likely I will just do a few snapshots and turnarounds. I'd like to get at least something for comparison to the 6 month photos. That belly looks so tiny and cute to me now haha :')

Hope everyone is having a great July!! ^___^
This weekend I will be 36 weeks pregnant! :happybounce:

For those of you not pregnancy literate, this means that sometime between this weekend and next, my baby will be pretty much fully developed. Though we want her to stay in there for a few more weeks and cook up really well, she does have the potential to arrive just about anytime now. :wow:

In the first few weeks, I expect to be pretty scarce on DA and online in general. For those of you interested in updates on baby's arrival, I recommend checking my personal twitter account which I will likely update soon after she gets here (assuming all goes well and I am able to do so). Probably don't want to follow that account unless you're REALLY interested in Sailor Moon, just sayin' ;P  But I do have a stock account on twitter, too which is less personal stuff and more just stock updates.

While I am away, I hope to have a few friends checking the account for me to keep up with stock usage messages. I thought about scheduling some stock to post automatically, but I've decided to just take a little break from that until I'm able to be back at the computer more regularly to manage everything. I will still try to log in occasionally to reply to messages with which my friends can't help and to answer questions. I'm so excited to be a mom!! :D

If you live in New England, I will be at PortConMaine this weekend (because I'm crazy and who books a con while they are 9 months pregnant?! I do lololol)  Here's a map of my location in the art alley, though it's very small so if you go you will likely see everyone. (I am the green star and pink stars are some artist friends!)  You can see some of the artwork I will be selling on my art account, sakkysa.

2014 PortConMaine Art Alley Map! by sakkysa

Thanks again for sharing your lovely artwork with me!! And thanks for your patience with my transition into motherhood. I am sure this time period will result in my personally missing out on seeing your awesome art. ; ~ ; But I will try to find time to scroll through the new favs and take a peek though!!! Maybe at 4AM when no one is sleeping anyway. ;D
UPDATE: DMCA notice was served and tumblr removed the post. We'll see how it goes from here.


Big thanks to the kind people who continue to message me about this tumblr blog which re-posts stock images without proper source credit.

I am very aware of this blogger and this is not the first time I've seen them post my stock without a link. They continuously post "references," some of which are legitimate resources and some that are not, without credit. Their reasoning for not giving credit is that they are "too busy" and since they are not claiming the stock as their own and not making a profit that it's okay, and they are doing nothing wrong.  See their FAQ for more of this fantastic reasoning.

They claim they will take down anything that they are asked to take down, but by then of course it's been reblogged, unsourced, 20,000 times - so what's the point?

Also, there's no point in filing a DMCA against them because with tumblr's policies, all they have to do is file a counter DMCA and tumblr will reinstate it unless the original person takes legal action.  I don't have money to hire a lawyer for some self-serving stooge on tumblr.

They allow "allow" you to help find the sources for the images FOR them, but only if you can source the whole post. They don't want messages about individual images in the post. Talk about not having time...

There's no talking to this person to convince them that what they are doing is the opposite of helpful. That being said, if you see my stock from this person's posts floating around, please feel free to reblog with a link to my account. Thousands of artists see these posts and only a handful of them will know about the MUCH larger, much better quality references they can get in the dA gallery. In addition to these artists missing out on actually USEFUL resources, they are also seeing the stock out of context and without the information about its usage.  

I like to think that my stock usage policy is very lenient. It was designed this way to allow the widest possible use by artists with the smallest amount of headache for all, including myself. But it's people like this, who are too self entitled to be bothered to do what's right, that lead to stock providers becoming frustrated and abandoning their efforts.

Do the right thing and credit your sources when credit is required. Don't be a dick.

SenshiStock is also on tumblr.

RE: Watermarks with the URL - this might be something I can do moving forward, however there are already about 2,000 images in the gallery that are unmarked. It also doesn't change that people should be posting a live hyperlink to the stock when it's reposted.

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I went through some of the uses of my stock and pulled out some works that spoke to me of the 'dark' in one way or another. Please take some time to visit these lovely artists and their powerful work!

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The Other One by Skitime123
Alice: Madness Returns/Hatter's Domain/Hysteria by Natamura
insomnia by kakeiasZombie 3- Half Zombie, Crawler by JessiArtsTell them I was happy by NarumyNatsue
circulation of shadows by LunarShore
Weltschmerz by raptorzyskoLonely spider by eve-the-strange271113 - Uhka by Zilior